Customer support is our priority. Whether you are looking for answers about sourcing, purchase, logistics, or implementation, our dedicated communications team is available round the clock for your convenience.

Technical support is duly provided to cut costs for your enterprise without compromising network efficiency for all servers and networking hardware. Our reliable team offers support for all generations of networking products to ensure a hassle-free experience for you!

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Networking equipment is always evolving. This is why we provide consistent support for implementations and upgrades. We provide the standard annual warranty along with an extended lifetime guarantee that offers protection in the long term.

The availability of direct manufacturer and third party contracts provides assurance for all the devices and services provided. All of our wares undergo rigorous testing and certification. The non-transferable warranties are applicable for end-users or original owners which include repair, replacement, and also refunds.

Reasonable replacements will be shipped within 10-20 working days after confirmation. The delivery dates depend on the location.

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Request a Quote!